Pilates/ Yoga




Tuesday 10am-11am (GMT+1) online at Little Yoga Space








I am offering as well private classes.

In the momentan it is possible via Zoom to give online classes.

If you are interested please just contact me directly by mail or phone.
















Pilates is a wholistic body training which was invented by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967).

The main aim is the training of the Powerhouse which is the centre of your body. This includes the whole abdominal wall, which strengthens your spine as the central supporting organ and simultaneously aligns it. Conscious breathing is combined with the movements in all exercises. Experience for yourself, on your body what, Pilates himself said: "You'll feel better after 10 sessions, look better after 20, and have a completely new body after 30 sessions".


The Yoga training, is based in ancient roots and traditions yet remains as relevant to our modern society as it has ever been. It helps you to discover your own strength and to walk more (self-) confidently through life.
Yoga is a physical and mental training. The aim is not to force your body into extreme position but to provide different exercises for everyone to fill the body with strength and to be more aware of oneself. Combining physical and mental focus in the class transfers into daily life. You will realise that some things in life can be easier than you thought. I teach Vinyasa-Yoga which is charactarized by movements in flow.